Fountains Abbey - 3rd to 5th May 2014

The weather was unexpectedly kind to us over the Bank Holiday weekend and we enjoyed three days of glorious sunshine when we had the privilege to perform at the beautiful Temple of Piety at Fountains Abbey.

This weekend, we offered a Regency Programme including some dances that we had only recently learned and were keen to demonstrate.  

Dancing was a popular pasttime in the Regency period.  Polite society was constrained by a host of conventions and prescribed behaviours and a dance was an excellent opportunity to meet friends and people of the opposite sex for polite conversation, dancing and - dare we say it - a little flirtation.  "Progressive" dances were still popular during this period and enabled participants to dance with all the other couples during the course of the dance; a chance to encounter and speak with people one may otherwise not have the opportunity to meet.

Many of the dances of the period were energetic and lively dances accompanied by merry tunes.  Lots of people enjoying the Bank Holiday took the opportunity to have a go at the end of each of our sessions and many were surprised to discover that as well as great fun, Regency dancing is very good exercise.